Andrew Garvey


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The Squeaky Tree is a tale of thoughtlessness, loss, life, and wisdom in a timeless garden tended by an ageless gardener.

In The Dolphin Cult, a young dolphin is saved from death upon beaching himself and returns to his pod to spread the word of his human angels, with disastrous results.

Earth tells the story of molds and fungi fighting for hemispheric and global domination of their particular cantaloupe’s resources until all but one remains.

The Color of Poetry released!!

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In The Color of Poetry, poetry, allegory, and coloring collaborate to provide a new take on adult coloring books using three distinct and entertaining story creations to fill with the rainbows of your own choosing. Two Pickles in a Jar is the first colorable poem of three, meditating on the endurance of aspiration and the identity gained in the process. The Mystic delves into the process of introspection and aloneness, and the accompanying wisdom that is often seen clearest through the purity of nature. The Owl Who Fell in Love With My Refrigerator is a poem of unrequited, misled love entertained by even the wisest of creatures. Written by Andrew Garvey and illustrated by Linda McGowan, The Color of Poetry provides hours of coloring fun.

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Mind Control Empire released October 15th


“After the American financial Collapse and the Great Rebuilding, Dr. Donald Isaacson finds himself second-in-command of the Mental Stewardship -mind control- section in the sovereign Intelligence Community of the territorially redefined continent. When faced with the sudden murder of ten senior stewards at an isolated mountain cabin, Isaacson must use his wits and an array of current and future technologies to hunt down the perpetrator, all while protecting the integrity of his own mind in a world that seeks to control it.”

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